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3C Curriculum

Profiles of Character

Traits imbibed by the Learners through a value system continuously evolving for a harmonious co-existence in the world at large.

1. Independent
One who is free, easy, bold, unconstrained. One who develops his/her own natural curiosity and skills necessary to carry out inquiries and show independence in learning.
2. Balanced
One who understands the importance of intellectual, physical and emotional balance to achieve personal well being.
3. Responsible
One who is reliable, who can be trusted and depended upon. Understands and expresses ideas and information creatively in a variety of mode of communication.
4. Integrity
Honest and adheres to moral and ethical principles.
5. Confident
One who has a firm belief in one’s power, abilities and making appropriate decisions and choices.
6. Optimistic
Has a positive attitude and always assumes the best outcome
7. Courageous
One who has the ability to approach unfamiliar situations, difficulty and uncertainty or pain without being overcome by fear, and have the spirit to explore new ideas and strategies.
8. Committed
One who is devoted to his/her actions and words and takes responsibility for the consequences that comes with it.
9. Enthusiastic
One who is eager to understand concepts, ideas and takes initiative and in so doing acquire in-depth knowledge of the balanced range of discipline.
10. Respect for all
One who has feeling and respect for need of everybody around them. They try to make a positive difference to the lives of others.
11. Self Esteemed
One who has a high sense of personal worth and ability and encompasses beliefs and emotions such as triumph, despair and pride
12. Empathetic
One who has the ability to identify with and understand other’s feelings and difficulties and is always ready to help.
13. Open minded
One who is free from prejudices and receptive to new ideas.
14. Inquirer
One who develops ones natural curiosity and the necessary skills to carry out inquiry and research in learning.
15. Participative
One who is willing to share his/her knowledge with others and take part in all the works related to learning.

There are 6 Trans-disciplinary Themes that enables the children to construct their learning through meaningful everyday life experiences that children can relate to. Thus learning is more contextual, interesting and memorable.
1. Our Identity:
Learning about the nature of ourselves- our responsibilities, rights and duties, cultural values, and so on. Knowing about our relationship with friends, family, communities and also what it means to be human.
2. Our Responsibilities:
Knowing about the relationship within and between people, other living things and communities. The approach to equal opportunities and conflict resolution. Why human beings should share the natural resources with other living things.
3. Our Expression:
How we express our ideas, values, beliefs and culture in multiple ways through different languages and art forms such as dramatics, martial art, dance, paintings.
4. Place and Time:
Learning about oneself in relation to surrounding, place and time. About homes, journeys, discoveries and about inter connection of individuals and different civilizations.
5. World Laws:
Knowing about the natural world and its laws. The interconnection between the physical, biological and human society. The impact of science and technology on the society and the environment.
6. Our Systems:
Gaining knowledge on the interconnection between human made systems and communities. Understanding the structure and function of various organizations and their impact on society and environment.

MDN Edify Education developed the 3C curriculum guided by the vision of creating progressive thinking Individuals who will create a positive change in the society
The 3C Concept,  a concept that seeks to create a social place of learning and knowledge. Where “Why is encouraged and “What” is nurtured.
Where self esteem and independence, leadership and innovation, problem solving and responsibility are emphasized, all in a participative environment of academic inquiry. Where the inculcation of these and many more vital skills will help your child step into tomorrow competently and confidently.
The 3Cs
Confidence, vivacity and cheerfulness are the most important traits within and can be developed by Edify schools by being generous with praise and making the child responsible towards animals and plants, play active games, watch cartoons, listen to music and dance. The rules of games train children to control their behavior and encourage the development of qualities such as patience Purposefulness, observation, reasoning and logic.

Under the school’s guidance the children learn to be independent, patient and decisive where the children are taught to reach their goals by dividing difficult tasks into several smaller steps.
Edify schools develop these qualities by having a student centered learning environment i.e.by giving them responsibilities, opportunities to explore the society, holding field trips, journaling, preparing group and independent projects and dramas. Sports and physical education enables the children to self regulate their emotions and de-stress to learn about personal rights and honoring their own perceptions and increasing positive self talk, goal setting and responsibilities.
Knowledge gained without implementation has no standing hence the knowledge gained by the child is practiced in his/her day to day activities. The rich inquiry based curriculum is a significant and relevant subject matter acquired for the real life skills and taught through the following subjects, Languages, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social science Visual Arts, Music and Drama, Environment Education, Physical, Social and Personal Education.

It is an integrated study of the above mentioned subjects where the child participates in real life experiences. The focus is on application of knowledge through inquiry, experimentation, research and discovery. In this process they become knowledgeable and understand the significance of the gained knowledge. It is through constructive learning methodology academic brilliance is inculcated in every child.

Because . . .
….. Our 3C education model revolves around ‘Inquiry based learning’ through the ‘3C approach’ which develops ‘Character, Competence and Content’ in a child, and ensures holistic education to the child.
...Our environment and curriculum reflects the natural needs of the young inquisitive mind of the child...
…. Our holistic education program is designed by infusing the best of international learning practices, which provide the best learning environment to each individual learning style of the child.
…..Our child centric approach helps the child to give meaning to their world.
…..Our trans-disciplinary approach caters the need of the individual learning style of the child.